How this Started


You might well wonder, what kind of girl would be so crazy (or so optimistic) as to place her dating life in the hands of her friends?

Well, it actually wasn’t our idea. We borrowed the idea, in one form, from a friend’s sister-in-law. And then we molded it to fit our own guidelines. L agreed to go on 27 dates, because she’s now 27. We came up with the whole project – of course – over beers and margaritas and the free nacho car at one of our favorite happy hour spots, Chuy’s (try the creamy jalepeno if you ever go there!).

“I have a PLAN,” I (N) said secretively on the car ride over.

E (another friend from work) and L, both of whom were fearfully watching the road as I attempted to brainstorm AND drive, were eager to discuss, but we waited for the grand unveiling when all the girls of the HHC (or at least a good majority of them) were together.

Then, again, deliberatly and dramatically, I said, “I have a PLAN,” and revealed the idea of a blind date project. Of course, as are most of my madcap ideas, it was met with applause (alright, actually, it was met with nods and thoughtful looks as people began going through their mental Rolodexes and contacts lists to find their single friends).

But, then, it became a project everyone could get behind, as people began asking L for her qualifications, some of which were serious (like no kids), others of which were more surface-level, like good teeth.

My sister, M, always filled with bare-faced honesty, blurted out, “Yeah, there’s nothing worse than adult braces,” unfortunately in front of a friend who is considering braces. When I started gesturing frantically with a chip, she decided to try to revise her statement, going instead with the brilliance of, “I mean, they defintely shouldn’t be like NEON braces, or something like that.” Which is why we love her.

E volunteered that all guys should be required to submit a picture, preferably multiple pictures, because, “when I’m looking at a house, I’m going to be more likely to buy it if I see more pictures.” And thus, we moved into the “men as real estate angle,” which is probably better than the facial hair conundrum we next attacked (and discovered we had differing opinions on).

My sister, with her brilliance, was the one who came up with the name of our project, obviously a riff on 27 Dresses, but no less brilliant for all that. That girl has a career in marketing calling her name. 😉

So, that’s how it got started. And now, we’re not-too-desperately-seeking men. Decent, upstanding men. The kind who open the car door for you, and who don’t expect too much on a first date. Not the kind that seem to be floating around on a certain dating site (which we’ll have to elaborate on more later). The kind that are decent, upstanding, and have enough sense of humor to participate in this project.

We’ll even mask their identities. What could be better? Send your friends our way –


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