Just in case you were wondering – with intense curiosity – what kind of information you need to submit to be eligible dating material in this sociological experiment, here’s a little clarification:

– Your name. Obviously, that’s important. We totally need to be able to google/Facebook/Twitter stalk you.

– How to contact you. You know, for setting up the date and all that.

– How you found the 27 Suit{or}s project. We’re curious about what brought you here. And, we want to be able to ask your friends about the kind of guy you are (if we know them).

– Your feelings on nuclear war (Why? Because apparently, it’s a really important and valid first date question. Seriously. Read here.).

– What type of date you’re proposing. Almost any type of date will work. Plus, the kind of date you select may give us a clue as to what kind of guy you are. If you pick some place like Bin 555, you’ll probably give a completely different impression than if you choose Dave and Buster’s (not that one is necessarily better than the other, just that each one might show a different aspect of your personality).

– One interesting fact. Your choice. You could talk about your riveting stamp collection, or the fact that you’ve climbed Mount Kilimanjaro twice, or that all your GI Joes are still in the box in mint condition. Or, you know, whatever.

OPTIONAL: You could also attach your picture to the email. Why should you do that, you may wonder? After all, there are no pictures of L on this site. You could be meeting a girl that looks like a cross between Janice Dickinson and Glenn Beck (but then, really, a severe rage would probably be the reason you wouldn’t want to date her). However, L wants to be a little more private and not plaster her picture all over this blog, so if you send yours, we’ll send her picture back to you.

I’m planning to create a web form for submissions in the next few days, but that would involve a lot more technical prowess than I actually possess. In the meantime, keep emailing – (you can email on behalf of your friends, too!).

(Oh, also, in case you’re worried, we won’t write mean things about you if the date doesn’t go well. Unless, of course, you show up in overalls, take her out for a burger at Carl’s Jr., then for a thrilling visit to your grandma’s nursing home for a rousing free game of Bingo. Then, we might make fun of you a little. But it would be for your own good.)


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