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Looking for a Few Good Men


Meet L.

A South Texas girl with Norwegian blood flowing in her veins, L’s fair-skinned, blonde prettiness might not be the first thing you think of when you envision a single girl from San Antonio, a city better known for sultry Latin beauties like Eva Longoria. A marketing professional, a Bobcat alum and a lover of Texas Country, L is a fairly traditional girl, one who you might expect to already be surrounded by a family of pale-haired, blue-eyed babies, even at the tender age of 27, just because her personality is so sweet and charming. But that just wasn’t her destiny.

Which makes it a good thing that she has N for a friend. Because out of this friendship has arisen a game-changer: the 27 Suit{or}s challenge.

L has agreed to go on 27 blind dates in order to meet new men, to step out of her comfort zone, and to possibly find true love.

She’s still selective; she won’t date just anyone, so none of the peasants and vagrants of today’s modern world need apply. Instead, anyone who wishes to meet and date this blond bombshell will have to:

1) Be within the proper age range (25-35)

2) Not have any kids

3) Be gainfully employed

4) Be vouched for by at least one friend/acquaintance

Interested? Get in touch. Per the rules of this social experiment, L will agree to unconventional dates such as Skype dates, if you have an out-of-town friend you’d like to present as a candidate.

Let the dating game begin!

PS Bonus points will be given to participants who drive a truck.